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Organizational Development
25 Years in Hitech


Dvora is a seasoned hitech professional, who has directly managed diverse teams of up to 50 people, including R&D, Engineering, Production and Product teams in TowerJazz, Applied Materials, SCD, Intel, NanoReady and Jotali in the hitech, low tech and tech startup sectors. 
Today Dvora is an organizational consultant, specializing in organizational assessments.  She  personally consults several CEO's, senior managers and first-line managers.  Dvora also facilitates a forum of hitech women, founded a hotline network in the US and coaches a group of hotline volunteers.  Previously Dvora founded the Israeli Twins Center.
Dvora studied Organizational Consultancy in Haifa University, Facilitation in Oranim College, Biomedical Engineering in the Technion and started her career with an Engineering Degree in Cambridge University in the UK.
Dvora divides her time between Israel and the US (NY & NJ).



Do you want to increase throughput? Reduce defective product? Reduce the number of surprises and crises in the production line? Speed up your R&D cycle? Reduce cost? ​ Let's get to work !

In a New


and want to make a good impression?  You are invited for some sessions to help you start off on the right foot.  After first meetings, sessions can continue on the telephone on your way home from work.

Organizational Diagnosis

A methodical and independent diagnosis of your organization using multiple parameters. The diagnosis includes findings and recommendations small and large.  The results will surprise you!



How do you build a world class team?

How do you keep a world class team?

Successful high performance teams transform organizations.

Let's work on it together.



Personal consulting for CEO's and managers.  Exploring challenges and solutions with you, whatever it takes, bringing my experience from multiple management and consulting positions.



Off-the-shelf or tailored for your team. Popular workshops:

How to motivate and inspire?

How to give helpful feedback?

Problem solving methodology.



"Dvora is a unique organizational consultant.  Her rich professional experience as a hitech manager, her patient and accurate personality, together with her ability to see from the details to the big picture and back again - is a winning combination".


Director in 24/7 organization



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